You can create your own candida diet plan by using the foods provided in the previous page. The following is an example of a typical day following these guidelines. Always eat a variety of healthy, fresh foods so you will not get bored.

BEFORE BREAKFAST:            8 oz. glass of lemon or lime water with three acidophilus (at least 8 billion organisms) I recommend that you do this upon rising for your day on an empty stomach.

BREAKFAST:                             Home made apple sauce or two apples (red or green)

MID-MORNING:                      Power drink ( 1 oz. of Chlorophyll, 4 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 oz. of lemon, 4 oz of distilled water, 1/3 ground ginger powder, and grade B maple syrup.) This is my personal recipe and I drink it daily with wonderful results. and/or one cup of Pau d' Arco tea.   

LUNCH:                                       Fresh green salad with lemon/olive or flax oil, (add almost anything to your salad except croutons, crackers, and mushrooms), with one of the following, beans, millet, pea soup, organic chicken, turkey, or fish.

MID-AFTERNOON:                  Raw sticks of celery, other vegetable wedges (you can use hummus, salsa or bean dip for sauces) or raw almonds. Thirty minutes later take a fiber supplement.

DINNER:                                    Steamed vegetables or vegetable soup and a small bowl of millet, buckwheat, corn grits. You can also make a health vegetable or chicken stew. Snack or seeds or nuts (no peanuts or cashews).

BEFORE BED:                            Drink a 8 oz glass of lemon water with 4 capsules of acidophilus. 


Always make a strong attempt to eat fresh, organic homemade foods whenever possible and avoid leftovers that are more than one day old. Keep plenty of foods around that meet these guidelines to avoid being forced to eat something that might cause a reaction. Follow this plan religiously and  you will see results within a week. 

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