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Irid (Iris) + Ology (Study) = Study of the Iris

What is Iridology?


Iridology is the science and study of pathological and functional disturbances in the human body as indicated by abnormal markings and color changes in the iris of the eye, while revealing inflammation, where it is located and in what stage it is manifesting. The iris reveals bodily conditions as it relates to inherent weaknesses, levels of health, and the transition that takes place in a person's body when they choose to purify the way they, think, live and eat.


Dr Akilah with client performing Iridology


When we look into the eyes, we are looking for alteration in structure, color and markings. These different markings can indicate stresses and weaknesses in the body systems, which can cause imbalances, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We cannot see disease by looking into the iris, neither can diseases be named by iris analysis; what we can see is physical deterioration via the nervous system. We can recognize toxins and their locations. These toxins create a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and parasites. Iridology is a preventative tool; it can be used as an early warning system, and eventually as a gauge for healing and signs of health. The goal of an Iridologist is to help people recognize areas that manifest toxic accumulation, and organ deterioration.


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